Random thought #1

As a teacher, I have the opportunity to witness many things that just make me go “hmmmm”.  I was told some time ago that I needed to write these things down for the world to see…so here it goes.

I teach culinary arts at a large high school in Colorado.  I never thought that I would witness such a large amount of simple lack of common sense or stupidity.

Last week I was teaching a class, when I needed to use the restroom.  When class was over I was approached by a group of students who told me that while I was in the restroom a young man urinated in one of the drinking glasses, disposed of the urine in the trash can, and put the glass away unwashed.

Upon investigation we learned this was true.

This is only one of many tales from the classroom that I have to share.  I don’t know if anyone will ever read this, but if you’re out there I hope you enjoy my very true stories.

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