Random Thought #2: When tragedy strikes

I was sitting at my desk at school, mentally complaining about my students and how they were getting on my nerves, when I decided to check out Yahoo, get caught up on the latest celebrity gossip.

What I found instead shook me to my very core. A school shooting.  Connecticut.  Children dead.  Teachers dead.  I wasn’t even reading complete sentences, just words.  My mind couldn’t make sense of it.  How? Why? When? Who?

When I was finally able to read the article about Sandy Hook Elementary School the tears started, and I could not get them to stop. I have a five year old, and at that moment I had an overwhelming urge to leave work and pick him up, take him home, and hold him until he couldn’t stand it anymore.  I left as soon as the last bell rang, and that is exactly what I did. And I cried.

I have been mourning all weekend for children I never knew, in a state I have never visited. Poor babies who were taken from this earth too soon.  I suppose we will never know the why, but I have made a point of learning the names of the victims, to honor their memory.  I have also made a vow to never speak the name of the monster who took them from their parents.

Thoughts, prayers, and hopes for peace to the families of the victims, the survivors, and the first responders in Sandy Hook, CT.

Rest in peace, little angels.

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