Random Daily Prompt: Hate to Love

Daily Prompt: Hate to Love.

I hate to love “Glee”.  This is something I have been wanting to write about for awhile.   I accidentally watched an episode of Glee one night, and I was instantly hooked, even though I have been making fun of “Gleeks” for awhile.

Glee takes every taboo known to man, and throws it in your face.  That is why I hate to love it.

Examples:  They start out small.  A gay boy who is in the closet.  Okay, we’ve seen that before.  Not so uncommon.  Kurt eventually comes out of the closet to his very manly father, and we see this father accept him, even though he struggles to do so.  Later though we see Kurt in a relationship with another boy, and there is a very steamy scene, where you know they are having sex, even though they don’t actually show this.  Okay, we’ve seen some of this before….but there is more.

Let’s talk about Quinn.  The cheerleader who gets pregnant, lies about who the father is, and then makes plans to give the baby away to Mr. Schu’s wife…who is lying to him about being pregnant herself.

Then we have Mr. Schu, who is married at the beginning of the series, and falls in love with another woman.  Finds out his wife is lying about her pregnancy and they divorce.

Other things Glee puts out there for the world:  interracial relationships, bullying, bi-sexual and gay and lesbian relationships, male stripping, handicaps in the form of Artie in the wheelchair, then Quinn in the wheelchair, and Becky who has downs syndrome,  homelessness, gay marriage, cheating in relationships, suicide due to cyber bullying, religion…first in the form of the chastity club, then in the form of Joe (who they call Jesus) and now the new cheerleader bitch who begins the “left behind” club; teenage marriage, cougars, blackmail, texting and driving, cheating, lying, and clawing your way to the top.

On top of that Glee has one of the most interesting anti-heroes I have ever seen in the form of Sue Sylvester.  Sue embodies everything evil that you can think of…until you find out that she has a sister with downs syndrome, and then you understand her relationship with Becky.  The latest in this series of shocking developments comes in the form of Sue going through fertility treatments and gives birth to a baby who also has downs.

Before I began watching Glee, I thought it was just a show about kids singing classic and popular songs.  But it is so much more than that.  It takes life, and throws it in your face.  And that is why I hate to love Glee.

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