Random Daily Prompt: Just a Dream

Daily Prompt: Just a Dream.

Having a nightmare.  Have to choose between three doors.   I am assuming because this is a nightmare that  all three doors contain bad things.  In my mind they are different shapes and colors, and they are numbered.  The number one door is a triangle, and it is purple.  The number two door is red, and it is a circle.  The number three door is a heart and is blue.

I also know that I will not be able to open only one.  I must open all three.   I begin with door number three, because I like hearts.  It is my favorite shape.  When I open this door I find a void.  Everything in my life that symbolizes love and hope and family is gone.  Vanished completely, and I am completely alone.   There is no color.  Just blackness.  No sound.   I immediately shut that door and move to the purple triangle.

The triangle door contains one of my worst nightmares.  The floor is crawling with worms.  There are worms everywhere, and my heart pounds.  No matter that this phobia is illogical.  Worms cannot hurt me, yet I am scared to death of them.  The sight of one on the sidewalk after a spring rain almost brings me to tears.  My heart pounds and I begin to shake.  Barely able to slam that door closed before opening the remaining door.

The door is red and round, and because of that I have an idea of what it might contain, but I am compelled to open it anyway.  Just as I suspect there is a clown.  A friendly clown at a child’s birthday party, but a clown nonetheless.  I have an irrational fear of clowns (thank you Mr. King) This time I am frozen in terror as the party clown tries to hand me a balloon animal.  I will have nothing of it.  I scream.  Loud.  Nothing happens.  The clown is still there, the children having fun in the background, and I am frozen in terror at this monster.   Finally I come to my senses and slam the door closed.

Of the three of these doors that I am subjected to, I find the first one the most terrifying.  I could probably learn to live with clowns, given enough time.  I could probably learn not to fear worms.  I would never be able to handle complete and total isolation.  No thank you.

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