Random Thought #6: and so it begins

Every year my mother in law asks for a list.  What do I want for Christmas.  This year I was very specific “a rustic looking cover for my nook….and either books or a B&N gift card”

Today we had our Christmas celebration with my in laws.  She did get me a new cover for my nook.  It is pink.  Pink.  I hate pink.  Luckily though it was also the wrong size so i got to exchange it.

Present #2…a giant stained glass hangy thingy.   There are a few problems here.  Problem #1 my house is decorated in neutral colors.  Browns, greens, beige etc.  This stained glass is purple and pink.

Problem #2 I have a 5 year old.  Ya. Where the heck am I going to put this monstrosity that will be saved from flying objects.

Problem #3 is that I am not a
stained glass person.  It isnt my thing.  Never have i expressed a desire for stained glass.

I like to read,  I like to write.  I have never said anything about stained glass.

Okay rant over.  I am going to go put on my cheerful daughter in law face.

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