Random movie review: An American Haunting


I have to admit that this movie left me stumped for awhile.  I had to go back and watch it a few times to fully understand

Warning: spoilers

So this movie starts in present day.  A girl named Julia and her mom are waiting for Julia’s dad to pick her up. Julia has a doll and a stack of papers that she apparently got from the attic.  Julia’s mom begins reading the papers which are about the Bell family in the 1800s

Movie switches to the 1800 s where John Bell is in court for swindling a neighbor.  Before they leave court she says he will pay.

Right after that weird things begin to happen.  So naturally we assume that the woman from the court is a witch or something and is getting revenge.

Most of the activity is centered on Betsy Bell and her father John.  Lots of things happen…Betsy is attacked…they hear voices…crosses and bibles fly around the room, etc.

Then a bag of bloody clothes is delivered to the house.  Lucy, the lady of the family recognizes them as John and Betsy’s.

I’m leaving out a bunch of details…and skipping to a scene where Lucy is sitting on a porch swing.  She hears footsteps and it seems that someone is sitting next to her…but we cant see anyone.  Then a female voice says “you know” and Lucy flashes back and remembers a night when she burst into Betsy’s room only to find John raping her.  He puts the blood stained clothing into a bag and hides it.

At roughly the same time Betsy has a flashback of the same incident.  Then the audience realizes that there is no ghost or witch.  Betsy created the entity as a way of dealing with incest.

Later that night Lucy poisons John, killing him.  Betsy gets married to her teacher, who is present throughout the movie.

Then we go back to the present day.  Julia’s father picks her up…and as her mother turns to go back into the house she is shocked to see the ghost of Betsy Bell, staring sadly out the window.  The mom y suddenly realizes that Betsy is telling her that Julia is being or will be raped by her father.  She runs out of the house after the car and the movie ends.

The problem I have with this movie is that it claims to be a true account of the Bell Witch…but if you research the Bell Witch its something completely different.  Also at the beginning of the movie it says that it is an account of a ghost killing a person…but Lucy killed John…not a ghost.

Overall I found the movie interesting…but I wont watch again.

This critic gives it three stars

2 comments on “Random movie review: An American Haunting

  1. Pat Fitzhugh says:

    Other than the names of a few characters, the movie shows little resemblance to the legend.

    • Autumn North says:

      I dont know much about the legend, but the small amount of googling I did right after watchimg the movie left me stumped as to why they even referred to the Bell witch, since none of the facts were even similar

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