Completely Random Move Review “Young Adult”

young adult movie posterWarning: Spoilers

Occasionally I like to watch random movies that I have never heard of.  Yesterday I was in one of those moods, so I randomly selected a movie from Netflix, and what popped up was the move “Young Adult”  starring Charlize Theron.

I was immediately intrigued by this movie because it begins with Mavis (played by Ms. Theron) going through a morning routine. My husband and I were laughing because it was almost identical to what I do in the mornings.  Then we discover that Mavis is a writer, a ghost writer actually, of a series of Young Adult books that are extremely popular.  As she reads her e-mail we can see that the series is ending and she is writing the last book.  Also within her e-mail is a baby announcement sent from her ex-boyfriend in her home town.  She is obviously disturbed by this announcement and prints the picture of the baby.

After some thought, a talk with a random friend who is only in the one scene of the movie, and a one-night stand, Mavis decides to pack up and drive back to her hometown of Mercury, Minnesota. When she arrives she calls her ex…his name is buddy…tells him that she is in town for a “real-estate thing” and invites him to have a drink, which he accepts, but tells her he can’t meet her until the following day.

She ends up at a bar and sits next to a man named Matt who was someone she went to high school with.  His name is Matt and he walks with a cane and a limp because in high school he was the victim of a hate crime because the jocks at the school thought he was gay.  It left him permanently scarred.  They get into a conversation and after a couple of rounds of drinks, Mavis tells Matt that she is there to hook back up with her ex (Buddy).  Matt tells her that Buddy is happily married with a baby, and Mavis tells him that she doesn’t care because she and Buddy were meant to be together.

The following day she meets up with Buddy at a local restaurant and they have a kind of awkward conversation.  Buddy then asks Mavis to join him the following night to a bar to watch his wife perform in a rock band made up of local mothers.  She agrees.

The day they meet up at the bar, Mavis is dressed very provocatively.  The band begins (and they are really bad) and Mavis spends a good deal of the night flirting shamelessly with Buddy and drinking.  Matt is also there and warns her to back off.  At the end of the evening Buddy’s wife says she is going out with the band for awhile, so Buddy takes Mavis home. They are both drunk, and the evening ends with them kissing.

In the following days Mavis confides in Matt, telling him about the kiss, and abut her plan to get Buddy back.  Her plan simply consists of her dressing like a slut and flirting, all the while implying that the baby isn’t even Buddy’s.

Then she receives a phone call from Buddy asking her attend his baby’s “naming ceremony”.  She decides this would be a perfect time for her to profess her love, so she goes to a spa, gets a full treatment, buys a new outfit, and brings a gift for the baby.  When she arrives at the party she asks Buddy if she can speak to him privately.  He reluctantly says yes, and when she has him alone she confesses her love, and tries to kiss him again.  He pushes her away, tells her that she is pathetic,and asks her to leave.  She doesn’t leave.  What she does do is get drunk and scream at Buddy’s wife.  It is at this point that we learn that when Mavis was 20, she was pregnant with Buddy’s baby.  She lost the baby at 12 weeks, and exclaims that Beth (Buddy’s wife) is leading the life that should belong to Mavis.  Everyone at the party is stunned into silence, and Mavis storms away.

She ends up at Matt’s house.  She tells him what happen, and she and Matt end up sleeping together, but the next morning she decides that it is time to start her life over and drives back to her home in Minneapolis.  The movie ends rather abruptly, but with the implication that Mavis is ready to move on from being a “young adult” to a woman.

I liked that the movie wasn’t all that predictable.  I really thought that at some point there would be another love interest that comes along…and Matt does not count as a love interest.

This critic gives this random movie a solid 3.5 stars

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