Random Daily Prompt: Judgment Day

If you were to judge your favorite book by its cover, would you still read it?

Daily Prompt: Judgment Day.

I remember when I was in high school and wanting something new to read that was not YA nor required reading for my honors English classes.  I was in the city library, which I love, searching for something new to read.

I passed through hundreds of books, which I am sure were amazing, but there was one that caught my eye.  The cover of the book was plain white, with just a few little candy conversation hearts.  It was because of that cover that I checked that book out from the library, and that book was my bridge between YA and adult novels.  The book was titled “Tell Me Lies” by Jennifer Crusie.  After I finished that book I checked out every other book she has ever written, and to this day she is one of my favorite authors.  But I may never have discovered my love for her work if not for those candy conversation hearts on the cover of that book.


Tell Me Lies

2 comments on “Random Daily Prompt: Judgment Day

  1. marymtf says:

    Yum. I would have gone out and bought a bunch of candy hearts to munch on while reading the Jennifer Crusie books (I’m a sweet tooth). 🙂

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