Random Thought #11: Easter Eggs…Nailed it!!

This morning I wrote about Pinterest and how it has complicated my life, specifically with holidays.  So, trying to be Fun Mom, I bought a whole bunch of Kool-aid, brought out my scrapbook paper and home-made mod-podge (a combination of Elmer’s glue and water) and set to work.

I boiled 24 eggs, but as is usual when prepping Easter eggs, one broke in the water, creating a giant mess.  Then there is the process of determining if the eggs are done. This involves spinning them, but I can never remember if they are supposed to spin up-right or on their sides…so mostly I just guess.

Here are the Kool-Aid results.  Turns out it works really well.  Also fun to mix the flavors creating intense and unusual colors.


The pictures don’t really show how bright the reds are.  They actually turned out much brighter than that.

It was the mod-podge that I couldn’t wait to try.  This involves spreading the mod-podge over the scrapbook paper, and then the egg, wrap the egg in the paper and cover with more mod-podge. When the paper has fully adhered to the egg, set aside to dry.  I also made little paper hearts to put on the colored eggs…these were my results:



It was actually a lot of fun.  And a bonus for the mod-podge eggs…they are WAY harder to break. The paper and glue give them a sort of hard outer shell…as we learned when hiding the eggs.  My five year old has a tendency to drop them =)  I will let you know how the cookies and deviled eggs turn out!  Have a very fun and safe Easter Sunday.  God bless #HeIsRisen


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