Random Thought #13: I know you’re out there!

Hey, so I know you’re out there…someone…somewhere…is reading this.   Or my God I hope so.   So for those of you who are reading this, please know that I need your help.  One of the projects I am working on is a book about paranormal events that happen to average, everyday people.  Not necessarily ghost hunters, but to people who are just living their lives, going about their business, and are affected by the unexplained.   If you happen to be one of those people, who have a TRUE paranormal event that you wouldn’t mind sharing and/or any kind of photographic evidence, video evidence, or EVP evidence, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me an e-mail at paranormal.letters@outlook.com.  I’ve gotten several responses from FB and Craigslist, but I am in need of more if I am going to put this through for publication. Your willingness to help me will be completely confidential.  No names will be mentioned unless you want them to be. I know you’re out there.  I know you have a story to share.



Random Thought #12: Embracing the Chaos


A couple years ago, my husband of 12 years was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder (Manic Depressive) If you don’t know or have never known anyone with Bipolar 1, it can be very frightening at first, especially if you don’t have any answers or a diagnosis. My husband is BP1, meaning that he is manic most of the time, and has flashes of white rage, complete with rage amnesia. So imagine me as a 21 year old newly-wed dealing with that emotional roller coaster.  Not fun.  I had no idea what was going on, and neither did he.  He would be happy as can be one minute and raging or completely depressed the next.  We hardly ever have bad fights, but the couple that we’ve had were during his white rage period, and he honestly cannot remember what happened during those times.  In 12 years I have learned to deal with it. I know that his rage (when it surfaces) is not because he is angry but rather the disorder that is messing with his brain. When this happens I recite two things to myself…”This too shall pass” and “Embrace the Chaos”.   When he was officially diagnosed two years ago they put him on all kinds of meds, including lithium which made things worse.  He has found the correct dosage now, and the rage hardly ever surfaces, but when it does, I just ride the roller coaster until it is finished. I know a lot of people who divorce their spouses over BP1, and that’s a shame.  My husband never (even at his worst) laid a hand on me or our son.  Most BP1s don’t,  But it is a difficult disorder to live with. He often tells me that he is grateful to have someone who can be his rock, but it is I who am thankful for the wonderful roller coaster life I live. #This too Shall Pass   #Embrace the Chaos #Bipolar Awareness

Random Thought #11: Easter Eggs…Nailed it!!

This morning I wrote about Pinterest and how it has complicated my life, specifically with holidays.  So, trying to be Fun Mom, I bought a whole bunch of Kool-aid, brought out my scrapbook paper and home-made mod-podge (a combination of Elmer’s glue and water) and set to work.

I boiled 24 eggs, but as is usual when prepping Easter eggs, one broke in the water, creating a giant mess.  Then there is the process of determining if the eggs are done. This involves spinning them, but I can never remember if they are supposed to spin up-right or on their sides…so mostly I just guess.

Here are the Kool-Aid results.  Turns out it works really well.  Also fun to mix the flavors creating intense and unusual colors.


The pictures don’t really show how bright the reds are.  They actually turned out much brighter than that.

It was the mod-podge that I couldn’t wait to try.  This involves spreading the mod-podge over the scrapbook paper, and then the egg, wrap the egg in the paper and cover with more mod-podge. When the paper has fully adhered to the egg, set aside to dry.  I also made little paper hearts to put on the colored eggs…these were my results:



It was actually a lot of fun.  And a bonus for the mod-podge eggs…they are WAY harder to break. The paper and glue give them a sort of hard outer shell…as we learned when hiding the eggs.  My five year old has a tendency to drop them =)  I will let you know how the cookies and deviled eggs turn out!  Have a very fun and safe Easter Sunday.  God bless #HeIsRisen

Random Thought #10: Pinterest is making my life harder.

I know I am not the only one who has this problem.  A couple years ago this is how my Easter would have gone:

1) Buy Paas brand Easter Egg Dye

2) Dye Eggs that smell like vinegar

3) Make normal deviled eggs to take to my mom’s

4) Make normal dessert to take to my mom’s

Because of pinterest this is no longer acceptable.  Gone are the Pas dyes.  Instead we will be using Kool-Aid on some of the eggs, and Mod-Podge to coat some with paper.


And forget the normal deviled eggs!  Nope.  According to Pinterest I must have BETTER eggs.  Keeping the Kool-Aid dye, dip the shelled eggs once, and then proceed to devil the eggs (hope they are not sweet….):


Regular Dessert??  Nope.  I must make cute egg’s nest cookies.  Sugar cookies with green tinted coconut, on which sits tiny candy eggs:


These pics are the ones I got from Pinterest.  I will post MY results tonight or tomorrow…stay tuned!

Completely Random Thought #9: The Art and Joy of Teaching Teenagers to Cook

ImageIf you have been following this blog, you will remember that I am a teacher.  I teach Culinary Arts and Life Management skills to high-schoolers.  We are on spring break right now, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the funny, disturbing, and not-so-funny stories that have occurred in my classroom over the last five years.  Prepare yourselves.  These are the people who will run the world someday.

#1: Dude, Where’s the Mustard.

I begin with a not-so-disturbing story about a mistake that I could see many people making.  We were making from-scratch mac and cheese.  It is a fairly simple recipe, but one of my students was completely baffled by one of the ingredients.  The recipe calls for dry, ground mustard (a spice).  I found this kid in the back, searching through the refrigerators (which they are not allowed to do).  When I asked him what he was looking for he said “Miss, you forgot to put the mustard out, but it’s okay I found some.”  In his hands was a yellow bottle of regular mustard.  He couldn’t figure out why I was laughing at him =)

#2: I Dare You

This story is much more disturbing.  I was giving a lecture about something (I really don’t remember what) when I heard giggling coming from the back of the room.  When I asked what was up, one of the boys stood up and said “Miss, we need to go to the bathroom”. I told them they could go one at a time.  One of the boys left and I began lecturing again, and then the other boy got up and ran out.  Not knowing what was going on I called security.  This is what security discovered:

Boy #1 dared Boy #2 to go into the boy’s bathroom and lick the toilet seat, but in order for it to be authentic Boy #1 had to go with him to take a video on his phone, and post it to Facebook.  This had all happened and the boys were done when security got to them. That was the most awkward phone call I ever had to make to a parent. “Hello sir, I am calling to tell you that while in my class your son was dared to lick the toilet seat in the bathroom…and he did…and it’s on Facebook.”  Ya. I’m sure his parents were proud.

#3: Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go Right Now:

While we are on the subject of bathrooms, here is another disturbing story.  My students were watching a video and I left the room for a moment to go to the restroom.  In my absence, one of my students went into the kitchen, got a drinking glass, urinated in it, poured the urine into the trash can and put the glass away, unwashed.  As soon as class got out his friends ratted him out. And another awkward phone call home I had to make.

#4: High as a Kite

I am fully aware that a lot of the students who take my class do so because they get to eat right about the time they have the munchies. Usually they are good at hiding it, and I hardly ever turn them in simply because my entire class would be gone if I did.  There was one occasion though that left me no choice.  It began in my Life Management class where I had a boy who I will call Sam, and a girl who I will call Megan. During that class Megan gave Sam a cupcake because it was her 18th birthday.  I didn’t think anything of this, it was her birthday, she had cupcakes.  Fast forward to the next period, where again I had Sam in class.  We were cooking bread sticks that day, and I noticed that Sam looked a little green.  Then things got weird.  He kept opening the oven door and shouting at me “Miss, the bread isn’t cooking”.  I told him to give it time.  He started giggling, and then he started talking gibberish and telling everyone he was speaking Japanese, he continued to open the oven door.  When I went over to find out what was wrong I noted that he hadn’t turned the oven on. Then I said “Sam, give me one good reason why I should not call security right now.” and he said “I don’t think so either miss” and then he threw up on me.  Apparently Megan had given him an edible.  For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it is a food product that has marijuana in it.  The serving size was one-fourth of the cupcake, and Sam had eaten the whole thing. Megan was arrested for distributing to a minor.  Not a good way to start your 18th year.

I have many more stories, but it will have to wait for a part 2.

Thanks for reading!

Random Reader Request

Hello friends and readers. You may or may not know that I am working on submissions for magazines and online publications, currently I am writing about paranormal events. I am gathering stories from people who have experienced any kind of personal paranormal event. i.e ghost sightings or experiences, criptid experiences (lake monsters, bigfoot etc), out of body or near death experiences…I am interested in pretty much anything, even UFO experiences. If you have had a true, real life experience, and would like to share your story please post your story in your words. Or if you would rather e-mail your story please send it to paranormal.letters@gmail.com… I would appreciate it =)

Random Thought #8 sick children

So my 5 year old is sick, poor baby.  He spent last night throwing up because he was coughing so hard.  I took him to the doctor this morning.  I tried to get the doctor to give him something to ease his cough.  Nope.  They wont do it.  Absolutely nothing…it is too dangerous (thank you parents who have over medicated their children) Personally I think this is ridiculous.  There are many meds my doctor gave me when I was young, and I turned out just fine.