Random Daily Prompt: A to Z

Daily Prompt: A to Z.

Create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.


Autumn looked out her bedroom window at the scene below. Butter-yellow daffodils were waving happily in the breeze. Cicadas sang merrily and the setting sun provided a warm glow over the garden.  Dangerously close to the house, though, was a shape she did not recognize. Even though she couldn’t see it clearly she felt a chill run up her spine.  Following the shadows as best as she could, she tried to decipher what the shape actually was.  Goosebumps ran up her arms as she felt the unmistakable feeling of being watched.  Her hair on her arms began to stand on end, and she became increasingly afraid. Instead of closing her curtains and hiding under the safety of the blankets on her bed, she watched the figure as it began to move.  Just in case the figure was watching her, Autumn turned her light off and continued to watch through the window.  Kansas was humid this time of year, and that coupled with the fear she now felt made her skin feel clammy.  Luckily, Autumn kept both a knife and a hand gun in her bedroom, presents from her husband who was currently deployed in Afghanistan, the presence of the weapons made her feel better. More than anything, Autumn wanted the shadow to disappear so that she could crawl into bed, but she had the feeling that she needed to watch, to keep an eye on the shadow, which had gone very still.  Not wanting to call attention to herself, she carefully crouched beneath the window sill, so that only her head was visible through the window. Opening the window was not an option, though if she could have done so she might have been able to hear something that would give her a clue as to what the shadow might be.  Praying that she would not need to use either the knife or the gun, she pulled both from her bedside stand to keep them close, just in case.  Quietly she decided to chance opening the window, just a crack, just enough so that she could hear what was happening outside.  Rain pattered through the screen on the window sill, as Autumn sat very still waiting to hear something that would give her a clue as to who or what her stalker was.  Suddenly the figure moved, it didn’t move fast, but it moved definitely closer to the window where she knelt.  Taking the gun into her hand, she checked the clip to make sure it was loaded, and took the safety off.  Under her window, the figure moved again, closer to the house this time, and Autumn shivered in anticipation. Voices broke the silence outside, and Autumn realized that there was not one figure, but two, standing outside her window, she also realized that they were very human.  Waves of relief hit her as she recognized one of the voices,  the voice belonged to her husband, who was not supposed to be back until the following week. Xerox copies of his deployment plan were laying on her nightstand, she knew he was not due until next week, and why was he creeping around outside her window? Yelling his name out the window, she watched as her husband turned to face her, she noticed that he looked different, in fact she could see him clearly now, and she could see right through him. Zeroing in on the figure, she suddenly realized with great clarity that she was not seeing her husband, she was seeing his spirit, and the reality of that hit her with a force that was unexpected; she sat beneath her window and wept.


Random Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen

Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen.

What did I think my life would look like when I was 16?

Well, I thought I would be married, living in a quaint little house, with children, and a fulfilling career.  Now at that time I thought I would be married to my high school sweetheart.  I thought that my best friend and I would still be close as ever, and I imagined that I would still be living in my hometown.

My life now:  At the age of 31 I am indeed happily married (although not to my high school sweetheart) I have one child (whom I had to conceive using fertility methods…didn’t see that one coming) I do have a career as a teacher, but as I have mentioned in previous posts I am quitting that job to pursue my dream of writing.  I do live in a quaint little house, but I no longer live in my hometown.   My best friend ended up married to my high school sweetheart…so needless to say that friendship ended.

All in all I am very pleased with the way my life has turned out. I have a loving family, a house, a job, a dream, and new friends.  I would not have changed any path I have taken

Random Daily Prompt: Just a Dream

Daily Prompt: Just a Dream.

Having a nightmare.  Have to choose between three doors.   I am assuming because this is a nightmare that  all three doors contain bad things.  In my mind they are different shapes and colors, and they are numbered.  The number one door is a triangle, and it is purple.  The number two door is red, and it is a circle.  The number three door is a heart and is blue.

I also know that I will not be able to open only one.  I must open all three.   I begin with door number three, because I like hearts.  It is my favorite shape.  When I open this door I find a void.  Everything in my life that symbolizes love and hope and family is gone.  Vanished completely, and I am completely alone.   There is no color.  Just blackness.  No sound.   I immediately shut that door and move to the purple triangle.

The triangle door contains one of my worst nightmares.  The floor is crawling with worms.  There are worms everywhere, and my heart pounds.  No matter that this phobia is illogical.  Worms cannot hurt me, yet I am scared to death of them.  The sight of one on the sidewalk after a spring rain almost brings me to tears.  My heart pounds and I begin to shake.  Barely able to slam that door closed before opening the remaining door.

The door is red and round, and because of that I have an idea of what it might contain, but I am compelled to open it anyway.  Just as I suspect there is a clown.  A friendly clown at a child’s birthday party, but a clown nonetheless.  I have an irrational fear of clowns (thank you Mr. King) This time I am frozen in terror as the party clown tries to hand me a balloon animal.  I will have nothing of it.  I scream.  Loud.  Nothing happens.  The clown is still there, the children having fun in the background, and I am frozen in terror at this monster.   Finally I come to my senses and slam the door closed.

Of the three of these doors that I am subjected to, I find the first one the most terrifying.  I could probably learn to live with clowns, given enough time.  I could probably learn not to fear worms.  I would never be able to handle complete and total isolation.  No thank you.

Random Daily Prompt: Plead the Fifth

Daily Prompt: Plead the Fifth.

What question do you hate to be asked and why?

Do have to pick one?  Okay, fine.  I will choose.

Here is the one question I most  hate to be asked:   “Your husband must love being married to you, do you cook gourmet meals every night?”

This bugs me for a number of reasons.  First, just because I teach Culinary Arts does NOT mean that I love to cook.  I LIKE to cook, but it is not my passion.  Also, after cooking all day at work the very last thing that I want to do is cook when I get home.  Gourmet cooking is very expensive.  Last time I checked, I worked on a teacher’s salary.  Believe me that is NOT going to put a gourmet meal on the table every night.

The second reason that this bugs me is because it implies that my husband married me because I can cook.  News flash: my husband is a better cook than I am.   He’s Italian.  He learned to cook in a traditional Italian household.  The man has skill.  And truly, he does most of the cooking.

The third reason I hate this question is because I am a mother to a five year old.  If I put a gourmet meal in front of him he would just stare at it.  Nope, most of the time we are eating kid-friendly food.

Just because I teach culinary arts does not mean I am a full time culinarian, so please stop treating me like one.  Okay?  Thanks.